Tool Kit for Advance Care Planning

What matters most to you?

Congratulations, you have in front of you a tool kit to help you and your loved ones begin talking about what matters most to you. We know that having a conversation about values, goals and priorities regarding care preferences improves end of life care for patients and their families.

Completing an Advance Directive is more than just checking boxes and signing a form. Completing the form does not always ensure that your wishes will be understood and respected. That is why it is vital to have the conversation with your decision maker prior to a medical crisis. They need to know what matters to you so they can make decisions that are aligned with your values, goals and priorities.

List of Tools for Advance Care Planning and Completing an Advance Health Care Directive

The Center for Advance Care Planning and Advocacy is dedicated to engaging the community and health care providers in conversations about what matters and ensuring that our patient’s care preferences are honored.

To help you with this process we have put together a tool kit. This kit contains a variety of worksheets, guides and resources. We can help you think about the care you’d want, talk to your loved ones about your decisions, choose your advocate and complete an advance directive. For additional resources, please visit our website at

THINK: Decision Guides/Treatment Options

CCCC Decision Guides- Artifical Hydration
CCCC Decision Guides - CPR
CCCC Decision Guides- Tube Feeding
CCCC Decision Guides- Ventilator

THINK: AHDC Fact Sheet for Consumers

AHCD Fact Sheet for Consumers

THINK: Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms related to Advance Directives and End of Life from Conversation of a Lifetime

TALK: Conversation Starter Kit

Conversation Starter Kit - English
Conversation Starter Kit - Spanish
Conversation Starter Kit - Korean
Conversation Starter Kit - Mandarin
Conversation Starter Kit - Vietnamese

TALK: Conversation Guide

Conversation Guide

TALK: How to Talk to Your Doctor

Talk To Your Doctor - English
Talk To Your Doctor - Spanish
Talk To Your Doctor - Mandarin
Talk To Your Doctor - Korean

TALK: Family Communication Guide

Family Communication Guide

CHOOSE: Choosing a Healthcare Agent

Choosing a Healthcare Agent

CHOOSE: Help For Health Care Agents

CCCC Help For Health Care Agents

CHOOSE: Proxy Quiz

Proxy Quiz