Infusion Pharmacy

Our Infusion Pharmacy Team

Our Pharmacy team of skilled professionals is specially trained to ensure optimal medication therapy outcomes all in the comfort and safety of your home. Our team includes:

  • Clinical Pharmacists
    • Through coordination with the Home Health nursing staff, State Board of Pharmacy licensed Clinical Pharmacists perform assessments and develop plans to manage the patient's medications. Screens medication list for harmful interactions or duplications. Prepares and dispenses medications and supplies to patients at home.Promotes rational medication therapy to physicians to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Pharmacy Technicians and Support Staff
    • State Board of Pharmacy licensed technicians assist the pharmacist in all phases of the department operation including sterile medication preparation, medication profiling, packaging, record-keeping, stocking, clerical duties, and patient communication as assigned.
  • Delivery Service Representatives
    • Competent and proficient in providing timely delivery service to your residence.
  • Warehouse Staff
    • Competent warehouse staff assists in pharmacy operations by preparing deliveries, performing urgent/local deliveries, short hauls and off-site warehouse and hospital pick-ups. The warehouse worker is trained and skilled in the operation of all infusion and enteral pumps. They ensures that each pump is clean, in working order and calibrated to ensure medications are delivered accurately between each patient use.