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Wound Care

Our Wound Care team includes highly skilled nurses who have additional education in the identification and treatment of wounds. Their expertise is provision of wound care to patients who have this special need. Our Wound Care team maintains and enhances their knowledge through attendance of special in-services offered by our Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse (WOCN) and other specialists in wound care.

How Does The Wound Care Program Work?

  • Patient selection is determined by the RN Case Manager upon evaluation and is based on individual patient need and their wound status.
  • The following patients are automatically referred to our Wound Care team: (a) patients who have Stage III and IV wounds, (b) patients who have wounds that are non-healing, (c) patients with wound vacs.
  • The Wound Care Liaison is scheduled to visit the patient and determine an individualized plan of care, in conjunction with the patient's physician and the WOCN.
  • The Wound Care Liaison visits the patient on an on-going basis, thus ensuring the patients receive the best care and treatment possible and are in close contact with the physician, Wound Care Center and the WOCN.
  • The more complex patients are conferenced weekly with the Wound Care team, which is comprised of the WOCN, team manager and the Wound Care Liaisons. The conferences include an in-depth discussion along with current wound pictures, resulting in a comprehensive plan for best practice on a go-forward basis.