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Post-Surgical Assessment

Post-Surgical Recovery at Home

Maximizing positive post-surgical patient outcomes means providing careful monitoring and treatment plans for each patient’s specific needs. This treatment does not have to be within the walls of a hospital. In fact, studies show that recovery is even more effective when you are in familiar surroundings—ideally at home. That is why St. Joseph offers Home Health services to patients who want to recover in a comfortable setting.

Why Recover with Our Home Health Team?

Our qualified health nurses and therapists provide our patients with thorough assessments that will measure each of your loved one’s specific needs. Our team will collaborates with physicians, nurses, and the patient themselves to create a custom treatment plan, based on the patient’s individual goals.

What can I expect at every visit?

  • Hospital-quality wound care and fresh dressings
  • Education to the patient and family regarding specific post-surgical protocol
  • Teaching on medication, diet and activity regiment


Our team is eager to provide you with the care you need in the setting you want. For more information regarding our services, call our intake department at (714)712-7110