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Home Remote Monitoring

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Home Remote Monitoring (HRM) is a service offered through our home health department. HRM allows an RN from our office, in conjunction with home visits, to monitor vital signs on a daily basis. If there are values out of range, perhaps elevated blood pressure, the RN is able to intervene immediately.

Monitoring is done through iPad, Bluetooth, in- home scales, pulse oximeter and telephone devices. Our RN staffed call center monitors and educates patients and families on changes in vital signs, weight, nutrition, medication and will even help facilitate discussions with your doctor. This service prevents re-hospitalizations and allows patients to stay at home knowing that they have the oversight of a nurse on a daily basis.

What can I expect from the HRM Program?

  • Daily monitoring of vital signs
  • Daily monitoring of weight
  • Medication review
  • Personalized care plan
  • Nurse call center
  • In- home setup and training on devices
  • Pickup and delivery of monitoring devices