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Fall Risk Program

Falling is one of the leading causes of broken bones and severe injuries for older populations. More than 250,000 patients who are over the age of 65 are admitted into the hospital due to hip fractures annually—and nearly all of these admissions are related to falls.

Even for younger patients, falling presents a major obstacle toward recovery. When the body is healing, the sudden trauma of a fall can complicate wounds, create additional stresses on the body, and extend the amount of time a person spends incapacitated. Preventing falls is an important step in a recovery plan.

Our Home Health Team is Dedicated to Preventing Falls

Our team recognizes the importance of reducing fall risks. Our philosophy revolves around ensuring that our patients can enjoy the comforts of home while recovering. That is why we take significant steps to make the home as safe an environment as possible.

Every patient of St. Joseph Home Care Services receives a comprehensive fall risk assessment based on national protocols. If a fall risk is identified, a physical therapist is brought on to collaborate on the treatment plan, alongside the physician, nurse, and patient.

What can I expect from the Fall Risk Program

  • Personal treatment plan with specific goals
  • Home medical equipment to enable patient to function safely at home
  • Education to family members on how to care for patient to include safe transfer techniques, ambulation safety and fall prevention techniques
  • Training in use of appropriate ambulation or transfer aids


Our team is eager to provide you with the care you need in the setting you want. For more information regarding fall risk program, call our intake department at (714)712-7110